• Social responsibility

    We consider health and welfare of enterprise’s employees, their children and veterans as our responsibility scope. Our social programs cover sectors of health care, education and culture. We not only pay taxes to the budget, but implement social projects of the city and region.

  • Efficiency

    All that we do, we try to do to the maximum. Maximally qualitative, fast and cost-effective. We manufacture products demanded by all branches of industry. The country’s economics depends on stable work of our company.

  • New technologies

    We implement cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions at all levels of production. This allows us to obtain high-quality products throughout decades. We are competitive. We maintain leadership in the country on manufacture of strategic products.

  • Environmental safety

    We discover new engineering solutions to decrease harmful impact of production on the environment. We know how to process waste and convert it into demanded products. All modernization projects are the evidence of our care for the environment.