Production of calcium chloride and white carbon

Calcium chloride has a broad range of use and is demanded in the market.

Proximity of raw material suppliers and availability of still waste liquid made it economically reasonable to build a white carbon manufacturing shop as part of soda-cement plant.

White carbon is mainly used as a reinforcing filler material for synthetic and polymer materials in tire, rubber and chemical industries.

At the moment JSC BSC produces white carbon of following brands: BS-50, BS -100, BS -120, U-333 and brand-new – Rosil-175. White carbon is produced in moderate capacity, so that there is always a possibility for customized production with parameters required by the client within GOST standard. White carbon U-333 is produced especially for client operating in defense industry.

Liquid and granulated calcium chloride is obtained at JSC BSC as a by-product of soda production manufactured by ammonia method. Technical calcium chloride is used in chemical, forestry and wood processing industry, oil, oil-refining and petrochemical industry, in refrigeration, manufacturing of construction materials, construction and maintenance of motor ways. In oil-producing and oil-and-gas industries calcium chloride is used as a base of fluid for well killing operations, for drill fluids, packer fluids and as a gas purifier. Application of granulated calcium chloride considerably decreases capital and operating expenses for running of oil and gas fields. Liquid calcium chloride is used for pumping down the well to squeezing-out lighter petroliferous beds to the surface. It provides required weight and “gelling” features to the drilling fluid which allows keeping rock chips, clay, sand and other fines suspended at the top, facilitating their utilization during drilling. The product dissolves perfectly and do not freeze, it shows excellent operation at sub-zero temperatures. In addition, calcium chloride is used as a de-icing agent which is supplied to big cities.