Production of chloroorganics

Our company is the only manufacturer of terephthaloyl chloride, anodes with с ruthenium- iridium coating, cationic polyelectrolyte flocculant.

Today this production department consists of four manufacturing shops producing terephthaloyl chloride-T (TPC), hexachloroparaxylene, polyelectrolyte VPK-402, hydrochloric acid types technical, reactive, inhibit and waste gases hydrochloric acid, dichloroethane, vinyl chloride monomer.

JSC BSC is the only domestic company able to operate difficult production process of terephthaloyl chloride. However the quality is in no way inferior to similar products of world leading manufacturers of TPC.

Moreover, the company is the only producer of synthetic flocculant VPK-402 – cationic polyelectrolyte - in Russia. Applicability of synthetic flocculants is quite vast. During oil refining they reduce concentration of oil products in waste water and allow to lower two-three times the amount of obtained foam. In pulp and paper industry these substances are used to reduce mineralization of waste water.
Dichloroethane (DCE) manufacturing shop. Over the period of operation of the dichloroethane shop it has been many times technically upgraded. In particular, in 1993 new ethylene chlorination reactors were commissioned; in 1997 - re-chlorinators, and in 1998 – air-cooling units. In 2008 in frames of reconstruction of VC-PVC complex 6 additional heat exchanging sections were installed on each air-cooling unit.          

Hydrochloric acid shop was commissioned in 1964 and is one of the first in the structure of the chemical plant along with caustic soda, chlorine and dichloroethane manufacturing shops. Over the period of operation it has changed substantially. Unit for continuous preparation of inhibited acid was constructed. As a part of large-scale project “Acid - waste” a new process for strengthening of waste gas hydrochloric acid on two-scrubber system was realized.            

Vinyl chloride shop was commissioned in 1996. Construction has been performed under conditions of economical instability of the time (among other works for modernization and capacity expansion several can be outlined, such as installation of reserve reactor for oxidative chlorination of ethylene in 2001 and construction of the 4th section of water-cooling tower). Thanks to technical and process innovations realized in the period from 1996 to 2009, it was possible to expand the production capacity from design 135.000 tons per year to 165.000 tons per year. In 2009 the production was upgraded with increase in capacity to 200.000 tons per year. In future we plan to reconstruct and construct a new production line DCE-VCM-PVC with achievement of PVC production capacity not less than 600.000 tons per year.             

Specialists of the manufacturing shop and engineering center introduced an optimized chlorination system for recycled DCE, which allowed to reduce substantially the amount of formed wastes; waste water treatment system was modernized, works for improvement of sanitary gas treatment are continuing.