Production of polyvinylchloride resins

PVC production is one of the largest in Russia.

Today this production department consists of manufacturing shops producing following chemicals: polyvinyl chloride soft cable compounds, PVC tape, plastic film, polyvinyl chloride suspension brand, chlorinated paraffins and the bleaching agent “Belizna”.

In 1966 the manufacturing shop for polyvinyl chloride suspension brand was commissioned. By the year of 1973 resin producing capacities increased from 28.000 tons to 33.280 tons. Reconstruction of 1998 allowed to increase production of PVC to 160.000 tons per year. To improve capacity and quality parameters of polyvinyl chloride new brands of emulsifiers and initiating agents were introduced into the process.

New and demanded brands of resins such as S-6069Zh and S-6359М were continually mastered over the period of department operation.  

In 2009 after technical retooling and modernization production capacity of PVC increased to 200.000 tons per year.

In 2011 operation optimization of vinyl chloride reflux condensers on the reactors took place, allowing to reduce considerably the polymerization time.

Today antifoaming agents in production and degassing of PVC are being tested at the production department.    

In perspective – increase in capacity of PVC to 600.000 tons per year.

Production of soft cable compounds (cable grade PVC). More than twenty brand names and formulations of cable compounds were developed, including plasticates with higher frost resistance, low inflammability, molding plasticates for footwear industry, as well as the plasticates with low fire risk and low smoke emission.           

In 2004 the department saw a technical upgrade with installation of two high-capacity lines of German company Ermafa. This allowed increasing quality parameters of PVC cable compounds and better meeting the requirements of clients. Moreover, the works for improvement and modernization of the existing brands and formulations of PVC cable compounds and PVC films are continuing.   

Planned is – construction and start-up of third production line of PVC cable compounds of capacity 2 000 kg/h. Purchase and installation of palletizing packing machine for palletizing of PVC cable compounds on Euro-pallet with stretch film packed in 25 kg bags.   

Bleaching agent “Belizna” is famous among all housewives far beyond our Republic. Its production at the enterprise began in 1972. “Belizna” has excellent disinfect and bleaching features. As perspective plans we see production of “Belizna” in gel form with flavoring agents.