Production of soda ash

Our company is the largest manufacturer of soda ash in Europe.

The production department of soda ash manufactures soda ash of brands A and B, as well as lump lime. Currently JSC “BSC” is the leading producer of soda ash and soda products in Russia.

Soda ash brands A and B is used in production of all types of glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Soda ash brand B is used in chemical industry for the production of synthetic detergents, fatty acids, brine purification in the production of phosphorus, chromium, barium, sodium salts of carbonate as a raw material in the production of glycerols, allyl alcohol, pulp and paper, aniline and paint and oil industries, as well as a reagent for treatment of drinking water.  

Yellow-orange packing of baking soda quite literally can be considered as a symbol of Sterlitamak. One can find it in every home, in every kitchen, in every city of the country. Today “Bashkir Soda Company” fully provides Russia and the CIS with food grade soda. Identifying feature of refined sodium bicarbonate is its mild alkalinity i.e. it has no harmful effect on living and plant tissues. The main consumers are the companies of food industry, medicine, chemical, light industries and metallurgy.  Today JSC “BSC” manufactures refined sodium bicarbonate which meets all requirements and standards of the global market.

Every year the company increases amount of investment intended for process update. The following large projects have been implemented: installation of vacuum belt filters, conveyor system of closed type, dense soda fluid bed cooler. Soda furnaces have been switched from fuel oil to gas, product dosing system, which allows to define and dose accurately the bicarbonate fed to the furnace, has been installed, reconstruction project of own heat electro power station has been realized.

Currently in lime kiln shop of the department the measures are being taken to ensure stable operation of the furnaces together with auxiliary equipment, to improve time between overhaul, to reduce time expenditure and financial expenses for overhaul. In the short term the manufacturing shop plans to further improvement of limestone burning system with the help of limestone fines screening system and considering a possibility to apply a briquetted fuel.          

Due to increase in demand for dense soda, a question of increase in production capacity of dense soda with the use of fluid bed dryers is being studied.  

Production development strategy is concentrated on improve of control systems, equipment and technology modernization. For effective development and competitiveness a set of investment programs intended to improve energy efficiency, particularly installation of heat recuperators for soda furnace exhaust gas, for application of modern dryers with minimal regeneration loss during drying of compressed air, is being realized. The projects for implementation of modern burners for soda furnaces to increase gas burning effectiveness and reduce high heat load on the furnace drum are being studied.

One of the main tasks of modernization and development of Sterlitamak soda production is to maintain leading positions on the soda ash market. Therefore the work of company experts is directed for maintenance of stable product quality taking into account rising requirements of clients.