Production of caustic soda
and chlorine

JSC BSC makes the top three largest manufacturers of caustic soda.

Today this production department consists of manufacturing shops producing following chemicals: sodium hydroxide flakes, technical diaphragm sodium hydroxide, mercury sodium hydroxide, chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hypochlorite.

The first shop was commissioned in 1965. During the period of operation the shop saw significant changes. In 2007 an automatic packing line “Technopack” was purchased and installed, which allowed shipping the ready product in bags onto pallets. In 2011 a large-scale project for reconstruction of solid caustic soda production was successfully completed, in which a new solid caustic production plant which uses hydrogen as a raw material was introduced into the process. The know-how of the company’s scientists allowed to increase production capacity of products demanded in chemical market from 35.000 to 50.000 tons per year.             

An increase of production capacity of solid caustic to 100.000 tons per year and switch from flake grade caustic to granulated one is planned. This type is much more in demand on the consumer market.     

The second shop was commissioned in 1973. Its construction was caused by acute shortage of caustic soda in the country. Over the years the production scheme improved. For example, recently the cells were replaced; evaporation stage switched to five-effect scheme; microprocessor-based automatic caustic concentration regulation system was introduced; asbopolymer diaphragm was installed. Currently new anodes and diaphragm are being tested in the manufacturing shop. In perspective a more modern technology for electromembrane process with new brine purification stage is to be implemented and new alkali liquor evaporation plant is to be constructed.                      

The fourth shop was commissioned in 1977. Here the capacity developed rashly. A good amount of innovations on rationalization of mercury electrolysis process were realized, which allowed to improve considerably process performance of the shop and product quality.

In the last years a great amount of work is done for technical upgrade: replacement of centrifuges, reconstruction of water-cooling tower, new production schemes were introduced, third chlorine compressor of PGW Turbo was installed. An automatic cell voltage regulation and control of hydrogen compressors based on microprocessor technology was implemented.        

Today in the producing shop the works for technical upgrade continue, in frames of which the tank equipment is being replaced and frequency convertor system for pumps is being introduced. In frames of energy saving program the lighting equipment is replaced by modern LED lamps. Together with the manufacturing engineering center possibilities of improvement of waste water treatment system are being studied.     

The planned works for production development are the measures intended for increase in product quality and capacity expansion, as well as improvement of ecological safety.