The companies of chemical, oil-and-gas industry, metallurgy and defense complex of the country are supplied by the products of JSC “Bashkir Soda Company”.

JSC “BSC” is a modern enterprise producing broad range of high-quality products: soda ash, refined sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), silica fillers, calcium chloride, PVC, soft cable compounds, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, dichloroethane, corrosion inhibitors, chlorinated paraffin wax, polyethylenepolyamines, PVC films and a lot of other chemicals.        

The products of JSC “BSC” are used by thousands of companies and organizations all over Russia and abroad. Successfully developing production and high quality products gained a reputation of a reliable business partner.

To purchase products, please contact Sales Department by phone:

Sales Department

Officer-in-charge: +7 (3473) 29-21-47

Domestic market

polyvinyl chloride (PVC),
soda ash,
caustic soda,
calcium chloride,
hydrochloric acid,
sodium bicarbonate,
soft cable compound

+7 (495) 532-04-40
+7 (495) 651-95-17
+7 (495) 651-95-16

Silica filler,
table salt,
brine from Yar-Bishkadak,
still waste liquid

+7 (3473) 29-79-76

Aluminum chloride,
coke-anthracite mixture

+7 (3473) 29-27-47

Sodium hypochloride,
lime milk,
greenhouse PVC film

+7 (3473) 29-23-66

Adhesive PVC tape,
ON film,

+7 (3473) 29-24-52
+7 (3473) 29-27-99

Organic products

+7 (3473) 29-23-51


+7 (3473) 29-22-90
+7 (3473) 29-22-95

Surplus stock

tel.: (3473) 29-72-33, fax: 29-77-07
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Export market

Telephones: +7 (3473) 29-21-52, +7 (3473) 29-25-93
Fax: +7 (3473) 29-25-33